Instructional Design

The application of instructional design principles in the process of course development is at the core of what we do at SaltEd Creative. Our team brings both experience and education to the table.

Systems Integration

Efficiency is at the heart of profitability for any organization. Our programmers implement solutions that save our clients time and money through the automation of internal and external processes.

Website Design & SEO

Our instructional design background allows us to manage content properly and our web design experience provides us with the opportunity to create fully functional web applications that drive conversions.

Graphic Design & Branding

With a keen eye for attracting new customers, and awareness of what it takes to retain long-standing clients, our designers are committed to making sure that the message being communicated is clear and consistent.


Tasked with migrating to a new LMS in less than a month, our team used their knowledge, experience, and work ethic to successfully transition almost 100 distance learning courses along with full systems integration in less than 30 days.


A full-time staff that includes a LMS administrator, Web Developer, Instructional Designer, Social Media Coordinator, Software Engineer, and Graphic Designer can cost you over a half-million dollars in salary and benefits. SaltEd Creative allows an organization to have full access to talented, highly-educated, and self-motivated professionals on an as-needed basis at a fraction of the cost.


Our competitive edge lies in the fact that we have the ability to immediately shift our focus to areas that need prompt attention, without incurring an extra cost to our clients or being held up by unnecessary delays in identifying resources.


We ensure you have access to a wide range of resources based on your immediate needs.

Our computer programmers have experience in all of the industry standard languages necessary for systems integration and automation of academic processes. Efficiency is at the heart of everything they do, our goal is to save our clients money by introducing functionality that eliminates manual processes and allows organizations to focus on customer relationships without having to worry about the technical side of the business.

With a minimum requirement of a Master’s Degree in Instructional Design, our team is comprised of talented, tech-savvy, motivated designers who are dedicated to producing quality content that achieve expected learning outcomes. From training to curriculum development, our instructional design team has the talent it takes to ensure that your programs meet or exceed accreditation standards.

What makes us unique is that we don’t settle for one area of expertise. When you work with us you can be confident that all skill-sets will be provided. Our graphic designers have been professionally trained on brand awareness, aesthetics, and have expertise in combining form and function. From marketing materials to training modules, our graphic designers are committed to providing a clear and consistent message that is aligned with the goals of your organization.

Intuitive navigation, search engine optimization, accessibility, and a coherent brand message are all a part of the overall focus of our web development team. Our professional designers are committed to providing not only the functionality that is necessary to attract and retain customers through your website, but also the proper tracking and reporting strategies that will allow you to grow and evolve your web presence as your organization expands and prospers.

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