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Strategic Alignment of Learning Technologies for Education


Our team of talented web designers is dedicated to providing the full spectrum of web development support. We specialize in SEO, user interface design, branding, responsive/mobile design, and customer analytics.


Our graphic designers are committed to ensuring your brand is uniquely positioned to stand out above your competition. Our team handles every aspect of design from start to finish, including print, digital, video and audio creative.


With over years of experience developing orientations, compliance seminars, and other e-learning applications, our team is uniquely positioned to produce effective learning content at a fraction of the time and cost.


From comprehensive curriculum development, individual course designs, and full LMS integration, our Instructional Design team is focused on creating engaging learning content based on measurable learning outcomes.


A full-time staff of web designers, programmers, instructional designers, graphic designers, and subject matter experts can end up costing your organization around half a million dollars annually in salary, benefits, and other employee-related costs. By choosing SaltEd Creative, you can employ a full team of talented individuals at a fraction of the cost!


We rely heavily on a talented team of individuals who not only have the academic background that it takes to make difference, they also have the experience it takes to create top-of-the-line learning and training applications. Each of our Instructional Designers have a minimum of a Master’s Degree in Instructional Design & Technology and over 5 years of experience in a professional ID environment.

From database management to handling complex learning management system integration, our programmers are able to visualize the most efficient and effective way to implement the code that lives behind the scenes of your web applications and then carry out the implementation process.

Our creative team is trained on how to appropriately cultivate and manage a positive and profitable public image. Blending form and function, our graphics department is focused on designing clear, consistent, and straightforward messaging while maintaining a professional and approachable image that appeals to an appropriate customer-base.

Our Web Development team works hand-in-hand with our Creative team to produce high-quality web applications that match user expectations and optimize conversions. Using responsive design strategies and implementing search engine optimization techniques put forth by major search engines like Google, our team puts our clients in a position to maximize their search engine rankings while adhering to accessibility standards.


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